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Lynda Mead

Reviewed in the United States on December 20, 2020 

In his memoir, Little By Slowly From Trauma to Recovery, John Maloney Jr. , writes a compelling life story of resiliency and the need to discover one’s soul’s purpose.

As a former educator, I taught a course on Interpersonal Relationships starting with a unit on character development. The unit covered genetics, environmental factors and our responses to these environments. To bring life to the dynamic nature of how these factors play together for human growth and development, I would find real life stories for students to analyze. John’s book would have been an excellent story for the students to read in order to understand these concepts and explain while life struggles can make or break us, deep within the soul is the resiliency to find a meaningful life.


From early childhood on, John suffered and persevered through trial after trial and used all his God given talents and skills (genetics) to thrive despite the (environmental) influences of his family, friends, schooling, military training, war time, and civilian life. From one heartbreak after another, John Maloney (responded to these environmental) influences in a variety of ways, but always with the will to survive and to grow on his life journey. I felt his greatest growth came during his times of service to others during and after Vietnam. 

I have always had a great deal of admiration and appreciation for our military and the veterans for their service to country and humanity. John Maloney’s experiences during his time of military service bought further insight into the many traumas they can experience and his stories touched my soul. John’s Maloney’s candor and willingness to share these life stories before, during, and after the war,  will certainly benefit the growth of others and give the gift of empathy. 

I wish my former students would have had the opportunity of reading, Little By Slowly From Trauma to Recovery. Perhaps it will find a path to their doors. 

I highly recommend this book for Social Workers, other Mental Health professionals, anyone who has had a traumatic experience, and anyone who wants to understand trauma. John writes his own story, the good, the bad and the recovery from traumatic experiences. His own experiences show how early childhood trauma can lead to unsafe decisions and how it can lead to more traumatic experiences. John tells his story honestly, and with some humor. John's life experience demonstrates that no matter what happens to you, ongoing healing is the answer. Never give up. Mary, LCSW


5.0 out of 5 stars Inspiring, interesting and worth reading!

Reviewed in the United States on December 3, 2020 on Amazon

I don’t usually review things on Amazon, but this book was really great, so interesting, inspiring and meaningful to read. I’m so glad I read it! I highly recommend it.

Vietnam Veterans of America

Reviewed in the United States on December 16, 2020 on The VVA Veteran (


When I first picked up John P. Maloney’s Little by Slowly: From Trauma to Recovery (Lotus Design, 222 pp. $21.95, paper), I did not know what to expect. As a former educator, I have always been interested in the human condition. Why do some people adapt, adjust, and overcome when faced with adversity? Why do others succumb to their plight and seek to escape their pain through alcohol and drugs?

In this book Vietnam War veteran Jack Maloney takes us on his own personal Magical Mystery Tour in the form of a vivid first-hand account of alcoholism and its exacerbating effects on those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Actually, the book is more like a detour from reality that many of us have experienced following shock and trauma. MORE...


Cathy Smith

January 22, 2021

You have really inspired me to pursue my education. God has been laying it heavy on my heart to pursue grad studies to become a clinical psychologist. I have been missing BELIEF in myself. Then your story appeared. I believe as you have is ALL for Good but it's up to me to DO it. Humility willingness and ACTION are keys. The pain doesn't have to be in vain. I can use it to help heal others. Maybe that's why I never knew what the heck to do with my life! God created me with the overcome & acquire wisdom approach in mind perhaps. Lol. We can't keep it if we don't give it away. So again thank you for sharing your story.


January 4, 2021

Amazon Reviews

So written from the heart and soul. Knowing some family in the book and realizing what was endured gives me an appreciation of the pain that was caused and the strength that was built from it. I am in awe of the writer John (Jack) Maloney. Proud to say we are cousins even if distant. Coming from a family of an alcoholic Father ( a quiet man) who I adored it shows how this disease breaks people, relationships and can bring people together once the alcoholic gets the help they need. Love and strength to all in this story ❤ 🙏❤🙏



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