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John P. Maloney, JR, MSW

Little by Slowly

From Trauma to Recovery
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My Story

Jack Maloney, MSW was born in Northeast Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to alcoholic parents. The first-born son after three girls in a family of seven, Jack endured a turbulent childhood suffering harrowing abuse. He ‘acted out’ in grade school and was asked to ‘leave’ three separate high schools in his freshman, sophomore, and junior years. He would become an active alcoholic and drug addict for many years starting at the age of 14. He finally escaped his dysfunctional family when he was persuaded to join the Marines at age 17 by an Indiana judge and his father in the Judge’s chambers.  Like his father before him who served in the Pacific during WWII, Jack served in the Marine Corps from 1968 to 1972.  He proudly served in South Vietnam in 1969 as a Radio Operator with the 12th Marines at Con Tien. ’69.


Jack gravitated to the entertainment industry after discharge becoming a member of the Screen Actors Guild and Actors Equity with numerous credits in TV, film, theatre, and commercials. He eventually switched careers, graduating from Stonybrook School of Social Work. Jack served 25 years with the Department of Veterans Affairs Vet Center Program as Team Leader of the Manhattan and Melbourne Vet Centers. He is a Clinical Social Worker and Addiction Therapist specializing in PTSD and substance abuse. He returned to college and graduated with his master’s in social work. His master’s thesis became an award-winning film titled, "The Wall That Heal," which won first place in the Long Island Film Festival.


Additionally, Jack trained in EMDR (Eye, Movement and Desensitization, and Reprocessing.) and Drama Therapy with Nickolas Wolfe.  He received numerous awards from the Red Cross and VA for his work on the days following 9/11. He was voted Social Worker of the Year”by the Suffolk County, Long Island National Association of Social Workers. Jack was an adjunct professor at Hunter School of Social Work in NYC teaching master level courses. He is a frequent guest lecturer, also participating in training programs and providing continuing education on trauma and substance abuse topics to mental health professionals.


Jack has survived the heartbreaking loss of his son, TJ. He is blessed with his son, Nagee, who was adopted from Vietnam, his beautiful daughter Jacqueline, and 3 beautiful grandchildren. He has been in alcohol recovery for the past three-plus decades. He completed this tell-all book during the COVID-19 quarantine and started his second book for a 2021 Veterans Day release.  Jack resides in Rockledge Florida and is living happy, joyous, and free!

My Books

Little by Slowly

This is a powerful story Of multiple trauma and A Relentless Recovery ‘One Day at a Time.’

Vietnam Veterans of America, 12/16/2020


When I first picked up John P. Maloney’s Little by Slowly: From Trauma to Recovery (Lotus Design, 222 pp. $21.95, paper), I did not know what to expect. As a former educator, I have always been interested in the human condition. Why do some people adapt, adjust, and overcome when faced with adversity? Why do others succumb to their plight and seek to escape their pain through alcohol and drugs?

In this book Vietnam War veteran Jack Maloney takes us on his own personal Magical Mystery Tour in the form of a vivid first-hand account of alcoholism and its exacerbating effects on those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Actually, the book is more like a detour from reality that many of us have experienced following shock and trauma. MORE...

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